Welcome to the SoA Blog - the SoA Basics

Welcome! Thanks for coming! It's lovely to see you here.

As a starting point, let's talk about the main product within the SoA catalogue of wonder; #waxmelts. These are:

-Highly scented - so we use between 8%-10% of fragrance oil for each batch. So your melts remain strongly scented for hours on end.

-Handmade - all melts (and candles) are made by hand - how industrious of us!

-Handpoured - we pour all melts (and candles) by hand from a jug

-Soy wax - we use soy wax which is a natural wax and gives to a cleaner burn, ie no soot

We use fragrance oils as opposed to essential oils. Essential oils do have their place in the home fragrance world, and we do use essential oils at times, but not in our melts. So what might we use them in...? You'll find out at some point.

Until next time, here are some photos of our glorious melts.

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