Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday..!


Scents of Adventures brings you these highly scented, hand poured, eco soy wax melts with a hint of beautiful sparkle and shimmer.

This special melt comes scented as Birthday Cake complete with the scent of raspberry jam and lashings of vanilla frosting.


You can purchase this melt as a standalone melt to add into your gift set, or as a part of a gift from us here at Scents of Adventures.

The Birthday Gift set comes in three tiers:

Mini Birthday

This includes a birthday cake scented Happy Birthday melt, a pack of 6 melts in your choice of scent and a handmade happy birthday card.

Premium Birthday

This includes a birthday cake scented Happy Birthday melt, an Adventure Box in one of our Adventure collections of your choice and a handmade happy birthday card.

Ultimate Birthday

This includes a birthday cake scented Happy Birthday melt, a deluxe burner* of your choice, an Adventure Box and a handmade happy birthday card. Each set is wrapped with a special touch of sparkle. *These burners are: Black Buddka, Black Cat, Black Crackle, Cauldron, Gold Crackle, Silver Crackle or White Buddha.


If you just want birthday cake scented melts, we can do that too. They come in packs of 6 (approx. 45-50g) or 12  (approx. 90-100g).

Birthday Gifts

Birthday Cake
  • Birthday Cake CLP information:

    (BENZYL BENZOATE) Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Avoid release to the environment. Dispose of contents/container to approved disposal site, in accordance with local regulations. Contains piperonal. May produce an allergic reaction.



    We recommend that you use one standard melt at a time (or two/three little hearts for the same effect). To use these Melts, pop one on the top of your wax burner (as per the instructions for your particular burner) and use your senses to experience an adventure.

    Melt times vary per burner though each standard melt should have a strong scent throw for at least five hours. These wax melts come in different colours but melt with a strong shimmer.

    As these Melts are handmade some may have imperfections.
    The Melts smell incredible but please do not eat them.

    Each melt package comes with its own Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) label as appropriate for your particular purchase.