If you know someone going through a tough time, how about sending them a hug in a box? The warming scents featured in this box are Fresh Gingerbread and Lavender & Vanilla. Both melts take the form of these beautiful snap bars.


Each box includes a hand written note to the recipient.


"This virtual hug from me to you

is for you to melt when you feel blue."


If you'd like to add your own note, please write it in the custom text field.



As with all our products, colours may vary.

Hug in a Box

  • Wax burner well sizes vary so please pay attention to the size of the well and the size of the melt. Break the melt if needed so it does not overflow the well of your burner.

    To use these melts, pop one (depending on well size) on the top of your wax burner (as per the instructions for your particular burner) and relax into your chosen scent.

    Melt times vary per burner. These wax melts come in different colours but melt with a strong shimmer.

    As these Melts are handmade some may have imperfections.
    The Melts smell incredible but please do not eat them.

    Each melt package comes with its own Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) label as appropriate for your particular purchase.

    Unless specified; a Regular pack contains approximately 40-45g of wax and a Large pack contains approximately 80-90g of wax.