Want to try an Adventure but only a sample of each scent?  This Explorer Box could be just what you're looking for!


Our Explorer Box has 2 melts from each scent within the Adventure of your choice (10 in total):

-*NEW* Cleaning Fairy

Garden Fairy, Lavish Fairy, Mountain Fairy, Uplifting Fairy

-Fairground Adventure
Candy Floss, Lemon Sherbet, Pear Drops, Toffee Apple

-Faraway Shores Adventure
Mango Madness, Pina Colada, Pineapple Punch, Tropical Tango

-Forest Retreat Adventure
Burnt Sugar, Moonlit Woods, Sandalwood, Warm Spiced Apple


If they all sound great, how about trying a Surprise Me box? Select the "Surprise Me!" option for 4 different scents to try.

Explorer Box

  • We recommend that you use one standard melt at a time (or two/three little hearts for the same effect). To use these Melts, pop one on the top of your wax burner (as per the instructions for your particular burner) and use your senses to experience an adventure.

    Melt times vary per burner though each standard melt (or 2/3 little hearts) should have a strong scent throw for at least five hours. These wax melts come in different colours but melt with a strong shimmer.

    As these Melts are handmade some may have imperfections.
    The Melts smell incredible but please do not eat them.

    Each melt package comes with its own Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) label as appropriate for your particular purchase.