Sea Breeze

Under the Sea Adventure


Scents of Adventures brings you these highly scented, hand poured, eco soy wax melts with a hint of beautiful sparkle and shimmer.


The Under the Sea Adventure brings you a collection of scents inspired by life in the sea. Whether it's taking in a deep breath of the Sea Breeze or clinking your goblets to Sea Minerals & Mimosa.


Sea Breeze is a refreshing marine fragrance with cool ozone and hints of gentle floral notes.

Sea Breeze

PriceFrom £3.20
  • Wax burner well sizes vary so please pay attention to the size of the well and the size of the melt. Break the melt if needed so it does not overflow the well of your burner.

    To use these melts, pop one (depending on well size) on the top of your wax burner (as per the instructions for your particular burner) and relax i